Attached are a flyer/poster and entry blanks for the 2014 Traffic Safety Poster & Video Contest.  This is usually a popular contest and many of the Catholic schools in Brooklyn and Queens participate in this annual event.

This educational activity offers your students an opportunity to not only learn basic traffic safety rules, but to use their artistic abilities to help teach their peers.  Prizes range from $50 to $1,000.

Please refer to the attached flyer and note the following:
+  All grades may submit their posters on heavy paper, poster board, CD or DVD (JPEG only).
+  Only vertical posters will be accepted.
+  Grades 9 -12 may enter a hand-drawn poster, a computer-generated poster, or a video
+ Videos must include music credits and a title page with student’s name, school and title of the video.
+ Video entries must be submitted on DVDs that can be played on a computer – one per DVD – between 30 seconds and two minutes in length.

Students are encouraged to create their own slogans for the assigned themes.  Entry blanks must be neatly printed or typed  in order for the entry to qualify.

Entries are submitted to AAA directly to their Garden City office and once they are submitted they become the property of AAA.

Deadline:  March 14th, 2014.

You past award winners an  Note:  Teachers may wish to view the traffic safety resources on the AAA New York web site at:


Entry Blank 2014