The 24 Hours for the Lord the “Vigil to Dry Tears” are set aside by Pope Francis on March 4 and 5, 2016.  We are asked to offer opportunities at the parish level (also schools and academies) and at the diocesan level.  Even during this very busy time of the year, everyone is asked to participate in this occasion of Mercy.

Reflecting on the words of our Holy Father, Pope Francis, we are called to gather as a diocesan family during this special period of prayer and action.  Pastors/administrators are urged to invite their parishioners to attend the events sponsored at the Cathedral-Basilica of Saint James in Brooklyn.

Refer to the attached flyer for the schedule for the 24 Hours for the Lord and the “Vigil to Dry Tears”.

If you have any questions, please call or email me.

Christian Rada, Coordinator of Marriage, Family Life, and Respect Life Education
School of Evangelization