How important is mental math? As adults we use mental math everyday, but what about your students? What techniques do you use to teach your students mental math? Does repetition really work? Well, let me introduce MATHLETICS to you…

MATHLETICS is an online math program where students can build number sense, create their own avatars, compete with kids from around the world, and build up points! This program is sure to build your students confidence. And it is just plain fun.

The traditional way of teaching math was through rote memorization.  Many students today fear math and need to overcome their math anxiety. Using a calculator sense through drills will help student’s speed and computational skills. So turn on the calculator in you – and log on to

In conjunction with Mathletics, the Human Calculator has been visiting schools within the Diocese of Brooklyn and sharing techniques on how to build number sense, and have fun with numbers and math in general.

Scott Flansburg, is an American mental calculator. In 2001 he was entered into the Guinness Book of World Records for speed of mental calculation.

If the Human Calculator has visited your school, share with us your thoughts on the presentation.

Please contact me @ if you would like more information.

This is a service being provided at no charge by Catholic Telemedia Network to all students in grades 3 & 4.

Preview of the Human Calculator on the Today Show: