The information below was obtained through the BaP Science Listserv and contains information about climate change resources from NESTA.

Please share the resources with the teachers on your staff as you see appropriate.
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Date: Sat, 2 Nov 2013
Subject: Climate Change Education Resources from NESTA

Our Climate Change Teacher Resource page  provides links to lots of resources to support educators, including hundreds of pages of supporting background content, professional development resources for teachers (workshops, web seminars, links to relevant agency resources, etc), dozens of classroom activities, videos, interactives, and position statements.

Our Content for Climate Change Education Courses  page provides a set of readings on climate change that can be used to support a course (I am using these resources in support of a course this term for a general education course at the University at Albany).

Topics available to date (the list will continue to expand over the coming month) include:
The Nature of Science
Weather and Climate
Regional Climate
Global Climate
Climate Change
Earth System Science
Biogeochemical Cycles
Reading Nature’s Clues to Earth’s Climate Past
Earth’s Climate History
Climate Forcing
Climate Change Today
and Interactives.

Powerpoints will be available soon.
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