The Tablet Jr. > February 2022

By Deyanara Cotter, Grade 7

Everyone has heard of the civil rights movement, which didn’t occur too long ago. The civil rights movement was a movement to end segregation and achieve equal rights between all races, mostly between black and white people. Things used to be very different back then, and people were not as similar and defined by their person as they are now. Black people did not have the same rights and privileges as white people just because of the color of their skin. Something the bible has constantly reminded us of is equality. It states to love everyone, no matter their age, gender, color, race, or ethnicity, something we did not have or acknowledge until not too long ago. People had to fight just to earn their equal rights when it shouldn’t have been a fight, and it should just be something that came to them naturally. Today we better recognize this, and we may continue to fight for full equality and justice. We believe in more inequality than ever before and combat any injustices done to other communities. We try to be equal and judge based on the person we are inside. We educate ourselves and others on things we shouldn’t say or do. Nowadays, we try our hardest to help people of minority races receive justice and keep pushing for complete equality. Still, we keep the word of our God in mind as we do, to keep reminding ourselves and others of how he created us all as equals, so we should treat each other as such.