The Tablet Jr. > February, 2021 

By Robert Corona, Grade 8

Minecraft is a game that allows people to build and create their own world. There are two versions of the game, the original Java edition which was released on November 18, 2011, only accessible through pc. The other version of the game is bedrock which is for every console. The consoles that are able to play bedrock are mobile, nintendo switch, Pc, Xbox, and Playstation. The difference between Bedrock and Java is that you can do more on Java then Bedrock edition. For example: for redstone wiring in Bedrock you can create to an extent For Java you are able to do much more with it and create more contraptions then you could on Bedrock, such as a humongous plane.

Minecraft was made by Mojang studios, Xbox game studios, etc. and by the creator “Notch”. In Minecraft there are 3 different types of modes you could go into when making your own world, all three are available on both versions. One of them is survival mode, which allows players to start from scratch and build up there world from there. Adventure mode is where players can take items from chests and build from those materials, you can’t break anything. And finally there is creative mode where players can build infinitely, have everything and are considered to be the leader since you can make life and destroy it. Minecraft receives updates from Mojang throughout every year to make upgrades as necessary. Minecraft is enjoyed by a wide range of ages and allows people to be creative and develop building skills.