Dear Principals,

There are additional TerraNova workshops listed on Option C for registration.  Please encourage your teachers to attend, if we do not have at least 20 participants at each site, I will need to cancel these workshops.  Cathy Kenny will keep all those registered informed in case these workshops are canceled.  I do hope we have additional principals and teachers interested in these workshops.  Please see the details below and register on Option C:

TerraNova Common Core: Online Reporting System – Workshops for Principals and Teachers
This hands-on workshop will do a deeper dive into analyzing the 2013 TerraNova Common Core Test results.  The instructor will be Dr. Katie Byrnes who was the presenter at the Celebration of Catholic Education.  Participants should bring a fully charged laptop or ipad and the username and password for your school or academy.  Each principal has been given a username and password and multiple users can sign-on at once.

Dates/Times of Workshops:

Wednesday, March 12, 2014 at Our Lady of Hope- auditorium
1-3 P.M.- Principals and administrators
4-6 P.M.-Teachers

Monday, March 24, 2014 at Our Lady of Trust Catholic Academy- Computer Room in school building
1-3 P.M.- Principals and administrators
4-6 P.M.-Teachers

Thank you.
Diane Phelan
Associate Superintendent for Evaluation