A saint is a person who lived their life according to the teachings of Christ.  Although people view saints with great awe, saints are men and women who, through their faith, overcome common weaknesses, failures and imperfections.  Those who are granted sainthood become role models for the rest of us


Learn360 Resources for All Saints Day:


Things to do: (Grades K-2)

  • Although All Saints Day falls on a Sunday this year, it is important to use this month to honor the saints and pray for passed loved ones. Pick a day for students to dress as their favorite saint and ask them to share cultural recipes and traditions of their saints country.
  • Have students write a report on their favorite saint. Host a virtual classroom event and encourage families to join in to hear students share facts about their saint.
  • A litany is a well known and venerated form of prayer traditionally prayed at the Easter Vigil, ordinations and final professions of religious vows. Post the Litany of Saints in your classroom or pray a devotional litany with your students.  Create your own Litany of Saints by having each student name their Patron Saint or favorite saint, followed by the class response, “Pray for Us.”   Here are many litanies to refer to: A Treasure of Litanies   


All Souls Day Learn360:

Things to do: (Grades K-2)

  • Have students bring in photos of lost loved ones and organize a classroom Prayer Service. See CTN Classroom Prayer Service 
  • Continue prayer throughout November by making a poster or collage of students’ passed loved ones and appropriately remind students of the power of prayer. Pick a time each week to pray the rosary or decade in class, for these souls. 
  • Reiterate to students the beauty of small sacrifices throughout the month of November.  Appropriately connect (depending on grade level) that sacrificing small things for others on earth relates to helping all souls in purgatory. Assign them to write down small sacrifices they have made this month for those not yet in heaven.


Other Resources: