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“Everyone needs faith…Faith in God, and having the courageto believe.” says my Mom.

By Sofia Bilello, Gr. 6

Sofia BilelloFebruary 13, 2011.. In Wyckoff Hospital, NY inside a room in the ICU was my mom, her two brothers, her sister, and her parents. My mother’s father (my Nonno Giacomo) was hospitalized with a sickness called pneumonia. He was 81 years old and very sick. In addition to the pneumonia, many years before that, he was diagnosed with a disease called late stage Alzheimers. He had forgotten how to speak, how to eat, and even how to breath correctly. My Mom and her family were very faithful to my Nonno. They took care of him every day, both in the hospital and at home. “We gave him all the love and care he needed,” said my mom.

After a few days in the hospital, the doctors realized the medication they were treating my Nonno with was not working. The doctor said “He was going to have to be intubated”. This meant they had to put a tube down his throat to help him breathe. My mother said, “The family was very sad about this.” Many days had passed and Nonno Giacomo was still not able to breathe on his own. The doctor told my mom, “The longer he is on this breathing machine, the less chance he has coming off of it”. The doctor’s called this “A terminal extubation”. They decided on that day to remove the breathing tube and leave Nonno Giacomo’s life in the hands of God.

My mom, her sister, brothers and her mother (my Nonna) were and still are, very faithful people. So, in that faithfulness they turned to God for help. On February 26th, 2011, everyone stood around Nonno’s bed.

They told Nonno, “We have faith in God and you. We know that you can start breathing again on your own.” My Mom prayed, “Dear God, if it’s time for my father to be with you in heaven, then please take him peacefully, but if you don’t need him up there yet, please help him to breathe again so he can stay with us a little longer”. They prayed and prayed, and put their trust in God, and their prayers were answered.

The doctors were shocked. They called this a true miracle! Nonno was back home with his family later that week! Faith is having complete trust or confidence in someone and having a strong belief in God. The doctor’s believed it was the strong faith and love my family had in God, and in Nonno Giacomo that helped them get through this very difficult time.

Although at the time of this crisis, I was only 3 years old, I have been raised by my faith filled and faithful family. Throughout my years I have learned about faith, to trust in God’s love and my family’s love. I know that as my relationship with God grows, so will my courage, trust and faith continue to grow stronger and deeper everyday of my life.