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By Sophie Rosemond, Julia Wiszowaty and Megan O’Connell, Grade 5

Sophie Rosemond

Sophie Rosemond

We are writing about Black American Leaders and how they accomplished Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream.

Black American Leaders have played a significant role in America. Every president since 1976 has designated February as Black History Month so we can all honor everything that Black Americans have achieved.

Martin Luther King Jr. once dreamed that all people of different races would be treated equally. He was imprisoned nearly 30 times. A quote from Martin Luther King Jr. is, “Darkness cannot drive out darkness. Only light can do that.”

Julia Wiszowaty

Julia Wiszowaty

Many people supported Martin Luther King Jr. Clarence Thomas is an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court. He holds the world record of 11,057 days. Clarence Thomas listened to others’ opinions and was silent while others spoke. Clarence Thomas wrote 23 views in the term that ended in July.

Another person helping Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream come true is Ruby Bridges. Ruby Bridges was one of 6 students to pass a test to go to an all-white school. Ruby passed that test in Kindergarten. Ruby Bridges was an American Civil Rights Activist. She spoke at schools to stop racism. She is still helping Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream stay alive today. A quote from Ruby Bridges is, “Don’t follow the path. Go where there is no path and start a trail.”

Rosa Parks is another Black American Leader who is essential to us. One day, Rosa was on a bus where black passengers could sit unless a white passenger wanted to sit there. The bus driver told Rosa to stand up, but Rosa did not listen to him. She believed that it was wrong for people to be treated this way because of their skin color. The bus driver called the police, and Rosa was arrested.

We interviewed Emma Rosemond,grade 10. We asked her” How did Martin Luther King jr impact the world?” She said Martin Luther King Jr impacted the world because he led the movement to end segregation through peaceful protests. He has some of the most impactful speeches of the time. His action led to him winning the Nobel peace prize and introducing new acts to help the African American communities. We also asked her, “How did Rosa Parks impact society today?” and she answered Rosa Parks fought for civil rights when she refused to give up her bus seat to a white man. Rosa Parks’ actions helped impact society today because she brought awareness to racism in the 19th century. Rosa Parks led a movement that led to nationwide efforts and affected African American people worldwide.

These people have done so much for us. They had a significant effect on our lives today. To respect what they have achieved, we can celebrate and thank them.