Ellis Wagner
Grade 7

Amazon factory workers are being paid minimum wage. They are not recognized as being essential to the economy of our nation and the Amazon Corporation. They are doing a challenging job. Imagine having to come to your workplace to support your family and put food on your table.

Amazon workers deserve to be paid far more than their wages. They are the basis of Amazon profits and help make our lives easier by getting shipments ready for delivery. Amazon is a multi-billion dollar company that can afford to pay its employees a fair wage.

Amazon employees’ work provides us with necessities like food, clothing, household items, cleaning supplies, and so much more, as well as fun items like toys that we can easily order online and receive quickly. This saves people a lot of time and the inconvenience of going to stores to purchase what they need. For these reasons, the efforts of these workers deserve respect.

No matter their job, every worker deserves to be treated and paid fairly. All workers contribute equally to society, including factory workers. They should be treated with dignity and respect.