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By Elisabetta Pirreca, Grade 3

The effects of not having Self Control

Elisabetta PireccaSelf control is an important characteristic to have not just as a person but especially as a Catholic. It means that you are able to control your thoughts, feelings and your actions. Having self control helps you make better choices in your life everyday. You will be able to think about how another person may feel or how your choice might help or hurt someone else. There are many different forms of self control. Some examples of self control are not wasting money away, not letting your emotions make choices for you, it also can be not eating too many things that might be bad for you. Each form of self control has its own consequences that you might have to deal with if you don’t control yourself. 

The Bible talks about a very important story called The Two Brothers. In this bible story the one brother is older and the other one is younger .They show two different ways of not having self control. The older brother is very jealous of the younger brother and he can not control it. His younger brother has been away from the family for a long time and he spent all of his inheritance. The younger brother showed us that he does not have self control of his money. The older brother spent all of his time helping his father working. When his younger brother returned from his trip their father had a big party to celebrate the return of his younger son. The older brother could not control his feelings. He was so jealous that his brother was getting attention and praise while he was the one who stayed behind to help out his family. 

If only the brothers were able to have self control they would have reacted differently. The older brother could have acted differently when his younger brother had come home. He could have been happy to see him and grateful that he was back home safe. The younger brother could have stayed with his older brother and father and helped on their farm. He could have also saved some of his inheritance for the family in case they would need it in the future. During lent most Catholics show self control by giving up something they enjoy or giving away something that they don’t need anymore to those in need.  As a Catholic we are tested by God to see if we are able to have Self Control and if we are able to keep our promise for the whole lent season. The story of The Two Brothers reminds me to try and always have self control especially with my classmates, friends and my family. Self control is very important because you learn to have patience and learn to sacrifice how Jesus sacrificed his life for us. 


By: Elisabetta Pirreca

Class 3-2