CTN welcomes a new school year with the varied opportunities to work directly with teachers, facilitating good integration of technology. We continue to subscribe to 3 award winning digital learning services on behalf of every diocesan academy. What makes our service to academies stand out it is the Professional Development training conducted to support teachers in curriculum integration of these resources. Training includes Google Classroom, Apple SchoolWorks (coming soon), and device management systems because we know that using one of our services effectively means integrating with a collaborative learning platform.

We are most excited to continue the Diocesan Technology Institute (DTI), a collaborative initiative with Dr. Thomas Chadzutko, Superintendent. This cohort of nominated teachers completed 6 months with CTN Instructional Media Specialists, Angela Russell and Laura Hickey, honing their skills to act as peer coaches in their academies. For the next 5 months, the group will reconvene to focus on their individually developed academy Technology Plan. The plans were accepted by Dr. Chadzutko, who felt the new focus of the DTI was to provide support as these coaches begin the practical implementation of those plans.  Angela and Laura will largely step aside to provide opportunities for the members to collaborate and model what is working for them.

The manner and frequency of digital reliance is constantly changing in daily life and classrooms are no exception. There is a great need to keep teachers fully informed and supported so that the process of using technology becomes invisible and learning outcomes are in full sight. DTI coaches will be a significant source of that support as they mentor and coach their peers. CTN will continue to be out and about, visiting schools, meeting with coaches and principals, and conducting PD sessions. We see our role increasing as DeSales Media Group continues its Grant program to schools, building on the nearly 4300 iPads presently in the hands of students attending academies, and religious education programs.

Learn360 video streaming services, EducationCity and Mathletics are the three CTN services that students access on their iPads, Chromebooks or latops. Visit our website to learn more about our services.

Submitted by:

Gina Krainchich, Director