By Joseph Melville, Gr. 7

St. Nicholas of Tolentine Catholic Academy

In my school, we have been practicing being RICH for the last few years. This acronym helps the students and staff to remember to be Respectful, have Integrity, be Charitable, and be Helpful. we are not in school anymore, however that doesn’t mean we should stop practicing being RICH!

As a community, we can follow RICH at home. There are many ways we can exercise these examples with the people around us. Since we are going to be stuck in the house with the same people for the next few weeks or months, we can still respect our parents, siblings, and other family members that might live with us by being kind and cleaning up after ourselves.

The fact that our teachers trust us enough to take tests and do our homework at home shows how we, as a community and a Catholic school, show integrity. Our teachers put their trust in us and as students, we don’t want to break that trust.

It is very understandable to see how bored we can get at home so we can be charitable and lend items to others during this time. Charity and Helpfulness go hand in hand. Strangers are supporting those in need during the Coronavirus pandemic by donating and being considerate by keeping their six-feet distance in stores and during outside activities. People practice social distancing to protect others from illness or harmful diseases. Buying a mask is another way of being considerate and helpful. Masks can shield others from coughing and sneezing, which can prevent the spreading of bacteria. A perfect example of our communities also showing helpfulness is setting a specific time period in stores for the elderly. 

During this time of social distancing, people are gathering around the world through their words in their communities to internationally demonstrate compassion and love to one another. People are discovering new ways of linking together their families and communities through text-messages, phonecalls, and social media. It’s amazing how in a time of crisis, people still support and communicate with others. 

Kindness plays a huge role in this world. We can show each other that everyone can be kind-hearted and helpful in a time of need. I hope that our society can continue helping each other after this time of crisis and insanity.