This is the first year CTN has incorporated Mathletics into its library of offerings.  It looks like we are on to a good thing:

What better way to write a testimonial than take it straight from the mouths of the students. The third graders at St. Andrew Avellino School get so excited when they go on the Mathletics Website. It’s like an immense math party for them. Jerry stated, “ Mathletics is the most entertaining site I’ve ever been on.” Can you imagine being entertained by math? Veronica stated, “Awesomist site I’ve ever been on in my life.” Her Language Arts teacher would love that play on words! Thomas stated, “I like Mathletics because I can play people all over the world.” Mathletics brings the world’s students together in a positive, productive, and friendly way. Brandon stated, “Even though it’s educational, it’s really fun.” I’m wondering about that “Even though” but OK!  Eric stated, “It’s very social.”  How wonderful for the unconfident or shy student who might not otherwise engage in group activities.  While Michael said “Mathletics makes you smart,” Alex stated, “ It’s a great site to learn math.”

I’ll conclude with Kenneth’s statement that says it all, “Best website ever!”  And I have to agree!

Ellen Vento, Teacher