The Tablet Jr. > October 2021

By Hannah Vithayathil, Grade 8

Bishop Robert J. Brennan was appointed Bishop of Brooklyn. We listened to an interview when he was appointed to be the Bishop.  He spoke about how he planned to help the community and what the impact will be.  Bishop Robert J. Brennan addressed working with immigrant communities.  He showed how kindhearted he was and what he would do to help the community to improve.  

Bishop Brennan spoke about faith and community because it is essential to keep faith in God to see our community grow.   Bishop Brennan worked with immigrant communities. For example, Bishop Brennan shared how we need to respond to the needs of the 21st century.  This is because when we help in our communities, we will thrive and start new things.  For example, in the community, we have to talk to others about faith in God.

Another example is we have helped others in our community.  Bishop Brennan also talks about faith as well.  In the interview, he said, “God is real” God matters and Knowing Jesus Christ.”  It showed how God matters to us and how God is real. We have faith in God and how he talks about God’s people is good. This means that we have to put our faith and trust in God.  Bishop Brennan had made a point that he said he listened to the people of Brooklyn and Queens. 

Bishop Brennan showed us we need to remain faithful to God. This is because no matter what, “ God matters,” said Bishop Brennan.  Another example is how BIshop said we need “To move forward.” But also, we have to serve our community. It also shows how to help out in the community. 


Hannah Vithayathil