BrainPOP is participating in a Gates-funded study about using Learning Games for formative assessment in the classroom.  Part of the research involves creating some case studies, and they are seeking additional participants.

Here is the application

Here is the criteria to participate:
•       Teach grades 5-8 in NYC or the immediate area around NYC.
•       Teach in the content areas of social studies/history, ELA, math or science.
•       Able to use a selected game from BrainPOP’s GameUp as part of your regular curriculum in Winter/Spring 2014.
•       Be willing to participate in a PD session related to GameUp in late January, 2014.
•       Allow researchers to visit your classroom to observe use of the game, and participate in a debriefing interview about your experience with the game.

All teachers who participate in the case studies will receive:  Premium access to the BrainPOP web site.
Mr. Anthony Biscione
Senior Deputy Superintendent of Schools