Digital Media has really come a long way…. Viewing a video has a new dimension and has taken a life of its own.  It’s not only viewing the content of the program, but feeling and seeing the characters come to life. As educators, we all know that seeing and feeling is the best approach to learning.

Watching an HD 3-D animated video is more of a theatrical feature.  It is like expanding your mind into related sectors such as:  Home Video, Sticker Albums, Books, CD’s and Interactive games.

So much care and methodical labor goes into creating a high definition episode.  It starts with letting your imagination go a bit, like being a kid again.  Inspiration from free play came from playing (being a kid!).  Then you sketch up your ideas into a storybook, a frame of the animated character is built, then digital technology takes over, and you will be immersed into this animated world.

During the month of May, in preparation of the sacrament, the Eucharist… let your imagination take over and watch Brother Francis inspire you, with these delightful animated videos on LEARN360.

Bread of Life – Join Brother Francis in this delightfully inspirational and instructive presentation that teaches children all about the sacrament of the Eucharist!

Let’s Pray – Catholic animation that inspires and teaches kids about praying.  Practice makes perfect!  This is a true saying whether one is playing basketball, drawing a picture, reading or even praying!

Here’s a peak, on the work that goes into creating a HD 3-D animated video.

May 8, 2013