The Tablet Jr. > January 2022

By Julia McLawhorn, Grade 7

Julia McLawhornDid you know that there are over 2,400 people sleeping on the streets every night? We need to help each other more often, especially the poor and vulnerable. Since the Covid pandemic died down, more of us started to realize that there were many more homeless people than before. Those of us who lost our jobs because of the pandemic may be living on the streets and did nothing to deserve it. In this situation, these people did not get fired, but they lost their job because of Covid sickness. In fact, 114 million people lost their jobs during the lockdown from Covid. This is why we need to focus on getting these people a job to help them manage, and should focus on getting the good people on their feet who didn’t deserve to lose their job. You can volunteer at a soup kitchen, offer to pick up trash from the streets, and you can even hand out food to the homeless on the streets. We do this to not only help those in need but to protect ourselves. Don’t feel disheartened by this idea that the homeless can be sick. If they are sick, then we should help them. Remember, the more we protect each other, the less likely we will have to worry about ourselves if we ever lose our job. These are a few ways for us to help the poor and vulnerable.

Helping the homeless is very important, not only because it gives these people a second chance, but also because it helps bring our community together. Some of my family members have passed away from Covid, and helping others from the pandemic means that we can save them from catching Covid. Lately, Covid cases have been going up and down. Patients in the hospital who have been infected with Covid have had a slim chance of surviving before the vaccine was created. Those people may have been doomed, but if we act fast, we can save the poor and vulnerable. You may have seen stores that offer free vaccines for Covid. Maybe if there were more places with free vaccines, the homeless would consider getting it. If they choose to get the vaccine, the streets might be safer and fewer people would suffer from Covid. My school has shown me that you can always help people and that helping others is what God would want us to do. They have shown me this by holding toy drives and donations. They give us many opportunities to volunteer and help others. If we are always helping others, then we will eventually be rewarded. God sees and knows everything, so he will know who is helping. There are many foundations that help the poor and vulnerable, one of which is the Little Sisters of the Poor, which donates all sorts of things to the poor. This is why we should help the poor and vulnerable, and a few ways we can help them.