The Tablet Jr. > October, 2021

By Brianna Morris, Grade 8

Brianna MorrisCancer is a deadly disease that affects millions of families. Many people die from cancer each year. It is genuinely a very unfortunate occurrence that could happen to anyone. There are many different types of cancer and various stages of it. The month of October is breast cancer awareness month.

Cancer affects so many people but what can we do to help? As students, we can donate to cancer research and assist families facing this challenge. For example, Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy recently did a cancer fundraiser. Students were asked to bring in $ 2.00 or more, and the money went directly to breast cancer awareness. Many students participated and the collection went to a great cause. How can we as a Catholic School community continue to make a difference? There are thousands of charities you can contribute to and support. Some popular charities are Macmillan Cancer Support, Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, National Breast Cancer Coalition Fund, and Ovarian Cancer Research Alliance. Whether it is $100.00 or $0.50, every little bit helps the cause. It is vital to be good citizens and Christians.

If you have cancer, it affects your health, but it also can affect you emotionally. You need to stay strong. You need to try your best to push through and fight cancer. Suppose you believe in your ability to fight it in the slightest you can. There was this one person who had cancer for a very long time. Sadly, he passed away just this year, but he could fight cancer for a long time. “He was a very great man and fought his cancer as much as he could,” according to a close relative of his—families or relatives of people who have or had cancer need to stay strong and support the person. Moral support can always boost people’s spirits and make them feel better. Additionally, always remember to stay positive. Try to be optimistic and be encouraging, which can also contribute to moral support.

Now that you are informed more about cancer and ways to support it, hopefully, it will inspire you. And if you are personally affected, remember to stay strong. Be inspired and keep fighting. You can do this!