The Tablet Jr. > April 2022

By Lizmarie Mendoza, Grade 8

Lizmarie MendozaWhen we show love and care for God’s creation, we show love for God’s work. As we all know, God made the Earth for us to care for and live on. We must ask ourselves, how can we take care of our one authentic homemade by God our Father? It’s not an essay question, but I’m sure it’s not complicated. Here are some ways we can.

When you go on a walk, maybe to the park, you may see lots of plastic bags or bottles. You could either leave it or clean it. If you choose to leave it, remember that God created this earth for us, and just like we clean our room or house, we must clean our earth. We must also not forget to take care of the trees and plants, for they give us air, and chopping them down isn’t a way to help them stay alive.
I like to treat the Earth as a friend, helping and caring for it like a friend. I try to clean up the mess I see on the streets or at the park because this one mess can lead to many harmful things for our earth and health. When I went to the beach to take a swim and saw so many bottles in the water that I didn’t even feel like swimming because it looked so unclean. I then saved a plastic bag and a napkin and picked up as many bottles as possible. I also tried my best to clean after myself because pollution is a big problem on Earth. If we don’t take care of it, it might become an even bigger problem until we can’t stop it anymore.

When God made the Earth, he made sure to make animals. Animals are living things that help us stay alive and keep us company. As we all know, some animals are a bit dangerous, but this is because they are protecting themselves. After all, they know that some of us humans are very unappreciative of them. We use them to make coats and blankets out of their fur, and some people even kill them to make boats and rugs out of their very own bodies. It makes me a bit sad to think about, but a way I tried to help was by making a letter. At school, we wrote letters to save the animals in Antarctica. Pollution was killing these animals, and most of them died. I did feel that writing those letters made a change because just one change can make many changes.

Even if you feel you can’t make a change, pray to God to lead the way. Taking care of God’s creation is like taking care of our home. Pollution is a big problem, and we must learn to eliminate it.