The Tablet Jr. > April 2022

By Raymond Ren, Grade 8

Raymond RenWe can care about God’s creation by. Stop cutting trees and plant more trees, eat less meat and more vegetables. It is good for animals and us. People should help recycle so that helpless sea creatures won’t die from plastic bags and bottles and it helps clean the ocean. People need to be careful not to break things that God gives us and not break other people’s things. Care for others and the animals God created. For example, people who like to hurt animals and hunters. We need to use less energy so the South and North Pole ice stop melting. Commit one thing for one year. Let God know that we care about the creation by praying to God. Finish the leftovers from the holiday Christmas, New Year, finish it, don’t waste food. Change the light bulbs to the CFL and LED light bulbs. It can emit 25-80% less energy than traditional incandescents, plus they last longer. Don’t buy things that you don’t need. Turn off the lights and water so it doesn’t waste. Try to fix things that you don’t want, maybe it can be used again. Washing clothes by hand less washing machine saves energy and uses cold water to wash because heat water needs energy and wash it when the clothes are full. Drink more tea than coffee because tea is reusable. Cut the shower time to 5 minutes to save more water. Start planting plants inside or outside. Consider only doing dishes when you have a full dishwasher load or full sink if you do dishes by hand it will be better. Go outside more than being at home playing video games, phone, iPad,or computer. Pick up trash and throw it into trash cans. You can use dish washing water, hand washing water, and cooking water to water the plant. Properly inflated tires improve the car’s gas mileage this will not only decrease your carbon emission but also save you money. Replace disposable utensils and straws to reusable. Using one pot to cook all your meals to save on electricity, gas, and water.Give food, water, and clothing to the people that need it.