The Tablet Jr. > April 2022

By Estrella Sanchez, Grade 8

Estrella SanchezWe all should be thankful and care for God’s creations. He created humanity and everything we have today. The earth we live on, the air we breathe, the water we drink, and more. God took seven days to create everything we have and see. When God made everything we have, he did it with love, grace, and goodness.
Every time we look around us, we should remember that this is our Earth, our home is here, and our family. God created this Earth with people so we can take care of one another as he made everything with care. We should always take care of our earth and not hurt it. Today beaches are filled with trash, and most of the time, we don’t do anything about it because we are used to it. But we shouldn’t be, and we should be cleaning it and caring for it since our father, God, gave it to us. God also gave us everything to remember that he is always with us, and he gave it to us.

God created the sky and light. When we look at the sky, we see a beautiful blue sky with white clouds. Sometimes we even see birds. God gave us a sun that provides light to see beautiful things outside. Without the sun or light, we will just see pure darkness. Another thing is that God created fire and candles, so back then, or when electricity was a thing yet, back then that’s how we would have light and when the sun went down, that’s how we would see. We thank God for giving us the idea to use candles back then, but we also thank him for the things we needed.

God gave us exquisite animals. Some of them help us in our life, like service animals. They are primarily dogs. Some animals God gave us our pets, and God gave us an animal for a reason. Sometimes to love an animal or to care for it. Like most animals, some belong in the wild or with professional care. But it’s still lovely to see them being taken care of or played. That’s why we have zoos and aquariums. They even give us food or things we need to stay healthy. Such as nutrition. An example is a milk we drink that comes from cows. This is a way God blessed us with one out of his many creations.