The Tablet Jr. > April 2022

By Elizabeth Ellington, Grade 8

Elizabeth EllingtonThe Earth, Sun, and Moon were all created by God. We live on Earth; it is our home, and we need to start caring for it. Because of humanity, the Earth is going on a lousy path. We have been artificially raising the concentration of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere at an ever-increasing rate—Manly by burning fossil fuels but also by cutting down the carbon-absorbing forest. Carbon dioxide levels have increased by almost 38 percent in 260 years, and methane levels have increased by 148 percent. We have also increased the rate at which global warming is coming. Yes, global warming does happen naturally, but humanity is a tremendous burden because this can have many effects on the world. Global warming is more significant than just the increase in temperature; it modifies rainfall patterns, amplifies coastal erosion, lengthens the growing season in some regions, melts ice caps and glaciers, and alters the ranges of some infectious diseases.

Biologists are saying we are now entering the 6th ever mass extinction. There had only ever been 5, with the last being 65 million years ago. This one is different, and it is not caused by natural causes such as volcanic eruptions or meteorite impacts; it is caused by humanity. Amphibians are one of the species being affected. They are highly dependent on freshwater for survival and reproduction. Humanity is polluting the water with trash such as plastic bottles and bags. However, because of that, a third of the species could very well go extinct. As well as animals in the Arctic, many could also go extinct with water tempters, warming, and ice melting, which are horrible living conditions. God wants us to all life in peace.

Although global warming is inevitable, there are some things we can do to help slow it. We can start with transportation; we can ride bikes and scooters instead of cars, trains, and buses. If we need cars, we can use electricity instead of gas. We can plant more trees to try and make up for the ones that have been sadly cut down. We can go to a park or a beach, clean up as much trash as possible, and recycle it. We can use solar panels to conserve electricity instead of gas, oil, and coal. This is the bare minimum, but it still helps. God will give us the strength and power to help our home and do what he intended us to do. We need to take care of God’s creation because if we do not, no one will. Caring for God’s creations will help us become better disciples.