The Tablet Jr. > April 2022

By Angelica Sucuzhanay, Grade 8

Angelica Sucuzhanay“Caring for God’s Creation” is essential to many other people and me. Also, when I think and talk about God’s creations, I think about all the good things that God has created in this world. For example, the Earth, God made the Earth. He made us; so we can share his love, grace, and goodness. But do we always treat the Earth like it needs to be treated? Well, let’s think about it. Pollution is one of the biggest problems on earth. It affects the earth’s atmosphere. Some ways I can help the Earth in this situation is by perhaps trying to join a group that cleans up the community—or speaking up about the problem. This kind of problem also affects the animals around the world. For example, the animals in Antarctica have been greatly affected. These poor animals have suffered lots of things, from the plastic in the ocean to the oil in Antarctica.

Another thing that affects the creations of God is cutting down the trees. These trees have access to air. I can help the Earth in this situation by planting flowers and plants by my window so more trees can grow. Hopefully, nobody plans on cutting down my plants when they grow. Also, to make different factories around the world, the process of cutting down trees is used. That makes the world look emptier. Bottles and plastics are thrown in the middle of nowhere. They don’t make the world look better. It makes it dirtier and looks even worse. It hurts the earth’s atmosphere, and it harms the planet. Factories are the cause of fewer trees. During the building of factories, spaces are needed to build those factories. People then end up cutting trees to make space. Recycling is critical for people to do. The meaning of recycling is not to waste a lot of plastic. There are always recycling bins outside to put recycling stuff in the bin.
In conclusion, everyone should be grateful for the beautiful things God has created. To not harm the earth and be thankful for what was given to us. God made us on this earth to live in peace and be grateful for everything.