The Tablet Jr. > April 2022

By Jaelyn Lee, Grade 8

Jaelyn LeeThere are so many ways to care for God’s Creation in this world and so many reasons we should care for His creations. God made this world for us, and we need to take care of it for him. We are also God’s creations meant to take care of Earth and the things inside it, so we have a responsibility from Him. Also, the more we destroy the Earth, the longer it takes to rebuild everything that He made for us. The land that we have, the water we drink, the food we eat, the scenery from places everywhere, and the people in our lives are all God’s creations are just a few reasons we care for His creations. Everything that we have is from God, including Earth, so just as we take care of ourselves, we should also take care of the Earth. Helping animals in a way could also count as taking care of God’s creations and watering plants, so these are the bare minimum.

Imagine if Earth did not have humans. What would happen to everything now? Well, then everything would be better economically and full of fresh air. There would be no pollution and things that harm the environment. If we compare before humans were alive to now, would it be possible to go back to that again? Well, no, but everybody could help this world in their way, such as recycling. This is why it’s so important to care for God’s creations because if nobody does, we’ll all just keep taking and taking until there’s nothing left to take. God’s creations are everywhere, and some people just don’t see it, so they don’t get themselves involved in trying to help with things. However, some are also unappreciative of His creations, so they waste them and don’t do anything for them.

People everywhere have the task of caring for Earth and attending to His creations. However, there will be a time when there will be nobody to tend to the Earth, and everything will tumble all over again. If there’s a time to start helping the Earth, it should be done now. Even planting down a seed could help a bit and benefit you when it grows. Also, things that are currently happening that damage the environment can be stopped a little if people help and spread awareness about a specific event. Any problem that can be caused, there is always a solution that can be used. This is why God’s creations are essential, and we should always take care of them and tend to them.