Dear Principals and Assistant Principals,

Over the past three years, the Common Core Catholic Identity Initiative (CCCII) website has served as a central repository for common core resources for Catholic educators.  The website has been developed by the National Catholic Educational Association with the sponsorship of Catapult Learning Inc. and Sadlier publishers.

The shared mission of every Catholic school is to ensure academic excellence in the context of an authentically Catholic education.~ NCEA has recently informed us that to emphasize the importance of integrating Catholic values into a rigorous curriculum, the name of CCCII will be changed to Catholic Identity Curriculum Integration (CICI).~ Materials on the new site will highlight locally developed standards-based curriculum units and lesson plans infused with Catholic values.

For your information, the CICI mission statement reads:

Catholic Identity Curriculum Integration (CICI) is a national collaborative project to develop and disseminate academic resources and professional development that supports the integration of Catholic identity into locally developed rigorous standards-based curriculum.~ CICI will accomplish this by:

* Developing and disseminating frameworks, guidelines, and resources
* Collaborating with NCEA, Catholic universities, religious congregations, and corporations and sponsors supportive of Catholic education
* Empowering peer reviewers to design and evaluate curriculum units to be shared on the website

On September 8 the CCCII website will migrate to a new URL address:  The old website address will re-direct contacts to the new site.

Please inform your teachers of the change.
Mr. Anthony Biscione
Senior Deputy Superintendent of Schools