If you have wondered often, as I have and as many of us have – where is the future of Catholic education going? You’re not alone. The Archdiocese just released publicly that 24 schools are going to shut their doors at the end of this school year. Many diocesan educators felt this hardship unfold right under their eyes, and we in the Brooklyn Diocese certainly can relate with the heart-felt pain of school closings and adjusting. Catholic education has always been a staple in many communities and has proudly educated many with the grace and discipline of the Catholic mission.

During Catholic Schools Week, we honor our Catholic heritage, and the schools that have always embraced this mission – past and present. We pay tribute to what Catholic schools have taught us, and how it has paved the way to our continued mission, regardless of some of the hardships our Catholic schools have endured throughout these past years. There have been difficult times, but there are also signs of great growth with the creation of new Academies. The Academies have been able to house every student comfortably and have been able to weather the storm and embrace this transition to a new era. St. John Paul II Catholic Academy is a great example of a rebirth through the academy model. Read this article by Vincent Viola, a benefactor of John Paul II Academy and avid Catholic, born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. He attended St. Cecilia’s elementary school in Williamsburg Brooklyn.


January 29, 2013