The Tablet Jr. > April, 2021

By Franco Aleo, Grade 8

How People are Staying Safe During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Franco AleoThe Covid-19 Pandemic has posed a new challenge for our society to overcome. People have been wearing masks, social distancing, and getting vaccinated all in an effort to stay safe from Covid-19. Everyone has changed the way they live their lives to help end the pandemic. It has taken a lot of self control for everyone to change their routines and make this their new normal. The guidelines that have been put in place are to protect everyone and as a community we must be disciplined and follow these rules. By following the guidelines, we can achieve our universal goal of ending the pandemic. As Catholics, it is important that we help people and we can do that by protecting ourselves and not spreading the virus.

Everyone knows that it is important to stay safe during this pandemic and there are a few ways one can do that. Wearing a mask has been a part of daily life because it helps limit exposure to respiratory droplets from someone who may have Covid. People have also been social distancing during the pandemic and staying six feet apart from each other. This is important because it limits close contact with people who may not show symptoms but are spreading the disease. Another way to stay safe is by frequently washing your hands for more than twenty seconds. You should wash your hands many times a day especially before eating food, touching your face, and after touching your mask. The CDC Website also has many useful tips on how to protect yourself. The following is a tip found on the CDC Website, “Clean AND disinfect frequently touched surfaces daily. This includes tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks.”.  Cleaning and disinfecting helps with keeping Covid-19 off items in your home and keeping the items in your house safe to touch. It may be difficult to always follow these guidelines but it is important. By doing so, we are being responsible and helping all of society. This of course demonstrates self-discipline by all.

Being responsible during this pandemic is not only for your own safety but also for everyone else in your life. Everyone in the world has to play their part for this pandemic to end. Playing your part means following all the rules that have been put in place. It is also important that everyone is there for each other and caring for each other during this pandemic. This does not mean you have to be right next to someone. You can help people by doing many different things for them while staying socially distanced. For example, if you know someone who is at high risk you could help them by getting their groceries and dropping it off in front of their house. It is important that we stay disciplined and continue to help each other during the pandemic. By staying safe and vigilant during the pandemic you are displaying and living Catholic values of loving thy neighbor.