Christmas Programs 2012-2013

Grace Place Kids – Holy Night
Grade: Pre K – 2
Run Time: [03:35]
Grace Place Kids, Howard and Lenore wonder about the very first silent, holy night that led the wise men to follow the star leading to the baby Jesus.

Bethlehem Year Zero (6) episodes
Grade: 6-8, 9-12
Run Time: [13:35]
Bethlehem Year Zero is presented in a news format as if the events surrounding Christ’s birth were happening now. The incidents are reported by on-the-scene correspondents and political analysts, just as television presents world news today. The repo…
The Tyrant Herod Prg – 1
The Tyrant Herod Prg – 2
Mass Executions Prg – 3
Mass Executions Prg – 4
The Turbulent and Rebellious People Prg – 5
The Turbulent and Rebellious People Prg – 6

Bedbug Bible Gang
Christmas Movie
Grade(s): Pre K – 2, 3-5
Run Time: [28:05]
Hello! And welcome to the Bedbug Bible Gang Christmas Movie! The bedbugs present the story of our Savior’s birth through three Bible stories and song .

Davey special
Christmas Lost and Found
Grade: Pre K – 2, 3-5
Run Time: [29:20]
Davey & Goliath may only be streamed. The magic of Christmas eludes Davey until the very opportunity that kept coming his way is finally accepted.

In the Beginning
Christmas Special
Grade: 3-5, 6-8
Run Time: [18:19]
In this episode of In the Beginning, pray along to a Christmas Prayer Service designed for the classroom setting.

Saints Alive
Christmas – Grade: Pre K – 2, 3-5
Run Time: [14:41]
In this episode of Saints Alive, learn about the story of Christmas.

Candy Maker Christmas
Grade: Pre K – 2, 3-5
Run Time: [26:12]
In an effort to make “the perfect Christmas present” for the royal family, a candy maker learns that the only truly perfect Christmas present is the gift of Jesus himself. Children of all ages enjoy learning about the symbol of the candy cane.

Story of Selfish Giant
Grade: Pre K – 2, 3-5
Run Time: [24:29]
A grandfather uses Oscar Wilde’s timeless tale, “The Story Of The Selfish Giant,” to unlock the true meaning of Christmas for his granddaughter. In this story of love and sacrifice, the selfish giant learns that God’s unselfish gift encourages us to …

Martin of the Heavenly Tree
Grade: Pre K – 2, 3-5
Run Time: [23:34]
Could Ricky Meyer’s mother really mean it–no presents for Christmas? Based on a true story, Martin And The Heavenly Tree, is a moving tale of Ricky’s deal with his mother and a misadventure that almost costs him all his gifts.

Joy to the World Bug time Adventure
Grade: Pre K – 2, 3-5
Run Time: [08:36]

Christmas(4-segments )
WOW is a Catholic game show featuring three rounds of three third graders answering host Fr. Reed’s questions about phrases that have significance in Catholic teaching about Christmas.