The Tablet Jr. > April 2022

By Sophia Velez, Grade 8

Sophia VelezClimate Change is a specific topic that many people talk about and care about. When we talk about climate change, we can bring awareness about many of the things that occur during climate change. Many issues happen in our world due to climate change. But what is climate change? Climate Change is a weather change where the temperatures and weather patterns shift. These shifts are caused by the solar cycle. Climate change also involves global warming, which increases the Earth’s temperature. Climate change can be caused by the production and discharge of greenhouse gasses. Carbon dioxide and methane can also cause climate change as well. When climate change happens, the planet begins to heat up. As the earth heats up, it can also cause changes in the loss of sunlight-reflecting snow cover. Once the loss of sunlight-reflecting snow cover happens, global warming occurs.

The temperatures of climate change rise as fast as the worldwide average. When the temperatures rise, many other things can occur that can be dangerous to our environment. Climate change can also cause many things to happen to our environment. Some of the things it can cause are wildfires, droughts, and bleaching of coral. Very high temperatures can also cause many storms and much other dangerous weather. It can also cause many changes in the mountains and the Arctic. This can also cause many animals to become extinct, which could endanger the loss of many other animals. Stuff like this can cause extreme danger to our environment and our world.

Climate change can also endanger us humans since it can affect what we eat and drink. When it involves our food and water, more diseases can also occur in our world. Another thing that climate change can also cause is extreme heat which can cause human migrations. Many people have said that climate change is one of the biggest and most significant threats to global health. Since many of these things happen, the question is, how can we help with climate change? Many ways to help with climate change is to educate yourself and many other people on climate change and what is causing it. Another way we can help with climate change is to tell people to reduce their carbon footprint or carbon pollution. We can also help by not wasting food that we don’t need. These are many of the ways that we can help with climate change. I hope that when reading this, we can learn more about climate change and how we can try to prevent it as much as possible. This is everything you need to know about climate change, how it can affect us and how we can avoid it. We want to preserve God’s precious Earth!