This is a great common core link that was shared recently at the Long Island Tech Summit.

Points of interest:

1.  If you click on the Around the Nation tab at the top, you will get a map of the United States. When you click on the state, it takes you to any resources that state has on the Common Core State Standards. The presenter pointed out Utah, Tennessee and California as points of interest.  Of special  note: the Read Tennessee link.

2.  Under the Common Core Resources tab, if you click on general resources, there are many sites. The instructor recommended subscribing to Common Core Gazette.  Also noted were Learn Zillion, Common Curriculum, Word Generation and Live Binder.

3.  If you click on ELA resources, the  LDC Template Tasks is worth investigating.

4.  If you click on Math Resources, you will see the “I CAN” Math Posters, Granite School District, K-12 Mathematics Vocabulary, and 101 Questions.

Many thanks to Christina Cedrone of St. Mel School for sharing this information with us.