Learn360 is the CTN service that most closely resembles what we were doing for the major course of our first 50 years – providing video for classroom instruction. Now those videos can be clipped, edited by students, and have quizzes embedded into them by teachers. What hasn’t changed is the core quality of information presented in age appropriate, engaging ways. It’s unclear who first said, ‘content is king’ but you can’t dispute that once you strip away the technology, it is the substance of the content that matters.

DaveyDavey and Goliath was by far our longest running series on CTN.   Its method of animation was eclipsed decades ago, but Goliath’s moral message was eagerly absorbed by students nevertheless.

CTN’s initial broadcast occurred when students returned to school after Easter vacation. At 8:45 AM, the Diocese’s closed-circuit TV system aired the show “Light and Dark” to 9th and 10th grade students.

As Educational TV developed in school systems, CTN no longer produced the majority of its programs. National producers arose to create a library of material in all subjects. Wellness and Mental Health were addressed in Clyde Frog & Self-Incorporated. Aids, the Search for Answers and In God’s Image tackled difficult subjects. Science was brought to life with the Encylopaedia Britannica series. Puppetry was an early method to engage the primary grades – do you remember Celebrate, a long-running series explaining civic holidays? CTN continued to produce series where there was a need unfulfilled. Requirements for hands-on lab work was met via the interactive science series, Experience Science. Grade 3 and 4 Catechism was taught by Fr. John Mariano and his Best of Friends. The tradition of producing religion programs is longstanding. This year’s premier of I’m Catholic, That’s What’s Up is a hip-hop era, relevant series on a Jr. High student’s Catholicity identity.

As the actual half-century mark approaches, we have invited teachers to interact with us as we reflect and reminisce though our celebratory promotions – all leading up to our 50th Anniversary Raffle, in which one lucky school will receive a new media center. So stay in touch- as we continue our golden celebration of supporting Catholic education!