The Tablet Jr. > November 2021

By Nathan Charles, Grade 4

Nathan CharlesA trauma counselor answers questions about her job and how she makes a difference.

Marie Charles was interviewed by Nathan Charles on October 26 2021 in Rosedale. She is a trauma counselor.

Marie Charles stated that her job was harder because of Covid-19 she stated that she often felt overwhelmed because she had to do her job and take care of her children. Although Marie stated that she felt overwhelmed, she stated that working at home made it easier for her to manage multiple things at once. Marie prefers working from home because it allows her to spend more time with her family while performing her job. Many of the clients Marie has are traumatized by Covid-19 and does not feel comfortable talking about it but does it anyway. Marie has extra work because of Covid-19. Marie has weekly Covid-19 discussions. Marie says that working from home can be a bit distracting. Since Marie is not in the office she often has to buy her own office supplies.When Marie goes to the office she has to fill out a health screening form.

Marie has been very stressed however, getting through it and going to the office twice a week and getting more work done. Marie believes things will get back to normal and she will be going to the office 5 days a week.