The Tablet Jr. > April, 2021 

By: Joseph Saraceno, Grade 3

Self Control During a Pandemic

Joseph SaracenoSelf discipline means you force yourself to do things you may not want to do. Self control means you have to control what you can and cannot do. You also have to control your feelings and thoughts. Self control helps me make good choices instead of the wrong choices. People are not born with self control and self discipline. You have to learn and work on them. I have learned alot about self control and self discipline in the last year. The Covid 19 pandemic made me learn alot about my own  self control and self discipline.

Last March when school closed and I couldn’t see my friends and teachers. I missed everyone but couldn’t go to school. I had to learn how to work on my own at home. I wanted to play with my friends but we could only talk from afar – at least 6 feet away.  I was so excited to play on the CYO flag football team with my older brother and friends but it was shut down too. In order for me to stay good at soccer, I had to practice watching my coach online. My Grandma and Papa would come to wave to us from the driveway everyday and I couldn’t run and hug them.  I even had to watch Church online instead of going in real life.

My Grandma taught me the most about self discipline this year. She fell and  broke her femur bone and had to go to the hospital  and  through surgery alone. We weren’t allowed to help her or see her in the hospital because of the covid rules. We had to visit and talk to her through her window. She did physical therapy and learned to walk again on her own. This took a lot of self discipline. I am very proud that she pulled through  and can walk again.

This past year covid stopped me from seeing my teachers, family and friends. It was very hard to do online schooling and  I had to give up many things. I got used to wearing a mask so  I can go outside. The pandemic showed me that I have way more self discipline and self control then possibile.