CTN/Discovery Education

CTN will be working diligently with your schools to roster the students and teachers in September! It is very important to be patient and let CTN roster the students.  We will reach out as soon as the platform is ready to go!


Discovery Education’s digital content is available across multiple modalities (videos, images, podcasts, reading passages, virtual field trips, and interactives), aligned to state standards, and organized by subject with curated channels for specific topics.


  • ⛪ Catholic videos: All your favorites from Learn360 will be available in your own designed channel 

  • 📰 Newsy: Students can stay informed about important topics and issues with straightforward, opinion-free news and documentaries.

  • 🎙️ Podcasts: Engage students with a modern, portable collection of podcast series on topics including science, technology, history, art, and more.

  • 📚 Financial Literacy: Understand how to become a wise consumer by learning about good financial choices and the tools available to help you manage your money.

  • 🔭 Explore Space with NASA: Learn how NASA has paved the way to explore the wonders of the universe. Learn about the groundbreaking technologies, daunting missions, and extraordinary talent of astronauts, past and present.

  • 🧑‍💻 Best of Interactives: Immerse students in engaging digital activities that support math, science, and social studies topics.

  • 🚌 Virtual Field Trips: Transport students beyond the classroom walls and into some of the world’s most iconic locations for rich and immersive learning experiences.

More information will come in September! 💻👩‍🏫👨‍🏫