“Our age demands an all-media literacy, capable of understanding and assessing messages and experiences communicated in all media of our post-literate world. A student equipped for anything less is culturally deprived.” This statement could easily be heard promoting ConnectEd or the latest Erate reforms. Would you be surprised to learn it was part of the keynote speech in the 1966 dedication of the new Diocesan Educational TV station – CTN’s original home base?

As we enter our 50th anniversary, it is clear that regardless of the mode or manner of educational technology, the objective has always been to widen the reach of student inquiry. Today, we do that with cloud-based services – always on, always-accessible resources. It wasn’t that long ago that in our TV based culture, the way we addressed personal schedule needs was our “Call-In Service” whereby teachers did just that to request a unique air time for their classes. While we now use metrics of data clicks or log-ins to measure growth, back then, we looked at how many phone calls we received.

In our 50-year history, our modus operandi has been largely unchanged – until the last 10 years or so. Digitalization created a firestorm of innovation that has quickly brought us to this always connected society.

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