Salve Regina Catholic Academy
Brooklyn, NY
May 21, 2013


FIRST PLACE:  Henry Deteskey, Grade 8, St. Anselm School
“1984 Democratic National Convention Keynote” delivered by Mario Cuomo

SECOND PLACE:  Katrina Borchers, Grade 8, Immaculate Conception School
“Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” delivered by Patrick Henry

THIRD PLACE:  Calista Requijo, Grade 8, Holy Family School
“Stanford Commencement Speech” delivered by Steve Jobs


Antonio Ayverdi, Grade 8, Holy Trinity School
“The Ballot or the Bullet” delivered by Malcolm X

Gabriella Polito, Grade 7, St. Luke School
“I Have a Dream” delivered by Dr. Martin Luther King

Elena Rossi, Grade 8, Our Lady of Mercy School
“Equal Rights for Women” delivered by Shirley Chisholm

We are very grateful for the help and support of the teachers from each participating school that accompanied their students and served as judges in the preliminary rounds.
Special thanks to our final round judges:  Mrs. Louise McNamara, Mrs. Eleanor Menna and Mrs. Barbara Kingston and the members of the Diocesan Oratorical Committee:  Mrs. Maryanne Schlechter and Mrs. Linda Dougherty for helping to organize the event.

The Oratorical Contest would not be possible without the organizational efforts of Sister Peggie Merritt, OP, Director of Development at
Salve Regina Catholic Academy and Mrs. Cathy Kenny, Coordinator of Special Projects for Curriculum and Evaluation.

Many thanks to the administration of Salve Regina Catholic Academy,
our host school:
Mr. William Geasor, Principal, Mrs. Roxanne Elder, Assistant Principal, and
Mr. Francis Belizario, Technology, along with the faculty and students
who assisted our contestants and guests throughout the contest as
greeters, guides and timers.