During the height of the COVID19 Pandemic, small businesses that could remain open gained much support and respect, but what about the unappreciated workers in those businesses? Of course, running a small business is a challenging task, but many people forget the workers that make up those businesses. Receptionists, janitors, and servers are examples of all those who work for the benefit of others. Do we ignore or disrespect these workers because they make a lower salary than someone else? Do we ever think about the stress that those workers may experience?
People get impatient with servers if the service is slow, but you don’t often hear people thank them when it is good. A waiter’s salary depends largely on tips from the customers. People often do not consider this. Teenagers make up part of the workforce. Many work part-time jobs when they are in high school or college. Teenagers are more likely to be given lesser wages and not to be respected by bosses, coworkers, or customers. Teenagers work to make a better life for themselves. Customers and bosses don’t often think that when they are rude to teenage workers, they are adding to the stress that they may already have in their lives. Do they believe it is okay to be rude to teenage workers because they are young?
People need to consider the feelings of workers more often. Sometimes workers in small businesses may seem rude. People think workers should always be calm and cheerful. Sometimes a worker may make a mistake and become tired or stressed. This may be true if they are struggling financially.
Many places of employment could be better. Some employees need to be given sufficient breaks during the workday. Supervisors and managers may not treat workers. COVID-19 spotlighted the employees of small businesses who risked their health to keep our communities running. This should not be forgotten.