The Tablet Jr. > Driving Me Peacefully

BY Kaidhen Roache   Grade 7
Midwood Catholic Academy


Peace is the moment when someone has the best experience in a while, which can vary person by person. One area often neglected when think about peace is street safety; it is our duty as a community to keep our streets safe. Some might get angry and drive too fast, which can result in car crashes. We need to make sure that we are following street protocol. 

One way to help keep the streets peaceful is by controlling our aggression with car horns. When you press on your car horn, you use it to “talk” to other drivers. However, if you do it multiple times, it creates havoc. Car horns are a bit threatening if not used the right way. It sends an angry message towards the other drivers. One option to fix this is by lowering the sound of horn. Another option is to change the sound of the horn itself. You can change to a lower pitch so that it is less irritating to listen to, but still an option for people to use if in danger.  

Altering a car’s horn is not the only concern on the roads.  Another hot topic is the safety of pedestrians. According to NYC Vision Zero Program, “12% of the population are pedestrians” With that being said, it saddens us to also hear from NYC Vision Zero statistics that “70% of the time during car crashes, pedestrians are wounded fatally.” Unfortunately, with those statistics we are left with unpeaceful feelings. By being less distracted and paying more attention to the road, you can see potential incidents about to occur and stop them before someone gets hurt. When on the road, we have a job to get from point A to point B without injuring ourselves or those around us.  That means putting down our electronic devices and concentrating. We need to increase our awareness and recognize our responsibility while on the road. If we take these opportunities then lives can be saved. We can help bring peace to the streets.