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St. Elizabeth Catholic Academy

     Every year, the United States generates approximately 230 million tons of trash! That is 23,000,000,000 billion tons of trash in a decade! If we all contribute, we can make our environment cleaner and safer to live in, even for animals! After all, it is our responsibility to do so.

     There has been a bunch of animals losing their natural habitats. For example, there was a huge widespread fire in Australia’s forest where koalas, chimpanzees, and kangaroos live. The underwater animals have been dying because of garbage and plastic thrown into the water. Veterinarians know it’s garbage and plastic that is hurting the animals because when they operate on them, they find our trash inside their stomach.

       Some people think that it’s not as big of a deal as we are making it, but in reality it is. Without animals, people wouldn’t be able to survive. For example, animals give us their meat. Some people don’t want to be vegan or vegetarian so what would they eat if not for animals. It is also believed that if we don’t eat meat it can cause hair loss, headaches, and memory loss. In the winter, we wouldn’t be able to make warm winter coats without animal fur, so it is a big deal that animals are dying, even the smallest of insects.

       People may think there is no way to solve this ongoing problem and that a lot of animals will become extinct, but there is. You can buy reusable bags instead of using plastic bags when you go to the grocery store. You can also donate to charities who help animals who’ve lost their homes. Picking up garbage on the streets and the beach also prevents it from going into the ocean. Another way to help the environment and animals is for people who smoke to dispose of their cigarettes in a safer way, rather than throwing them into the woods so forest fires can be prevented.

       Let’s all work together to make a safer environment. Two surfers Andrew Cooper and Alex Schulze created “4ocean,” a charitable organization that raises funds by selling bracelets made out of trash. They have pulled out over two million pounds of plastic and trash from the ocean and coastlines.

      Let’s follow in their footsteps by raising funds to help their foundation. We need a clean and healthy environment to live in. Currently, there are 41,415 animals that are endangered and this number increases yearly. We don’t want our ocean, and wildlife to become extinct. We rely on them for food and they rely on us also. Even if it’s just small things to help wildlife and people, every little thing helps! After all, it’s our social responsibility of care for our world and it’s furry friends.