The Tablet Jr. > October, 2021

By Manveer Singh, Grade 8

Manveer SinghCoronavirus has been an ongoing issue for nearly two years. Face masks. Gloves. Hand Sanitizer. These are the items that have been in high demand in stores both online and in-person. Infants to seniors have incorporated these items in their everyday lifestyle for protection against this deadly disease. Our lives have completely shifted as a result of this pandemic. Sports, social life, and our religious life are some factors that have been influenced by COVID-19; however, for children and teachers, the most significant challenge that has sprung up is education.

Our Lady of the Snows Catholic Academy has strived to make every effort to educate their students in a “normal” school year. As a result of this pandemic, the education system has been modified into alternative teaching and. Teachers and students have been forced to attend school online using google meets, Zoom, and other webinars. Learning and teaching online has been a challenging period of time for the OLS community. We all have done our part to help contribute and make this situation more comfortable and more accessible for us to get through. The students were able to participate and stay engaged during class despite being online. The most challenging segment of education in this pandemic is having access to necessary equipment and resources. Necessities such as cameras, microphones, and computers were difficult to acquire for some families. Along with that, children weren’t as focused as they had easy access to the internet and other resources due to being in their homes. Due to remote learning, many standardized tests were canceled worldwide with state tests and regents only being some examples. These are some of the difficulties children face; however, teachers and students all put in much effort to make the past one and a half successful school years.

As a community, we have found solutions to these problems. Chromebooks and IPads were distributed to students by the OLSCA staff and helped contribute towards online education. Students had access to laptops with all the necessities that meet the requirements for remote learning. Together as a family, OLS is constantly overcoming challenges and obstacles. Our school has adapted to this new environment and is always putting its best foot forward to ensure that students can learn even in these conditions. OLS always guides me along a courageous path and encourages me to overcome any challenge I encounter. OLSCA is consistently providing its students with opportunities to learn better. Together as a family, OLSCA has strived and will always continue to do so to promote the best education for their students and to fulfill their motto, “Turning today’s learned into tomorrow’s leaders.”