A piece on how I stay enthusiastic about the joy in my life. 

By: Martin Farber 

Grade 8

Joy, joy stands for happiness. Joy is something that strikes smiles into many, it’s something that sparks one’s happiness. Whenever I think of joy, I think of people smiling, people having a great time. Joy is an emotion that can make you feel triumph, it can also make you feel excitement. Joy can mean many great things, Joy can fill you with glee. Some people may not feel it during this pandemic, but everyone has to try to spark joy in each other. Joy isn’t just for one person,joy is to be spread to everyone around us.

Thankfully, I feel joy everyday, and I’m grateful for that. Joy is shown in my everyday life when I walk humbly, whenever I smile. I’m always enthusiastic and optimistic about everything. I’m Always happy, I’m never down, I only influence positivity, and hope that others feel happiness as well. There have been some times in the past where my family has been feeling down. But I always tried to stay positive. I’ve always stuck by their side and gave them joy.

There are many things that bring me joy and happiness. Usually I would play video games,

they are very fun to play with me. 

I find happiness and joy whenever playing video games with my friends. Even just chilling with my friends, having a small chat. It brings me a lot of joy. I hope you all have the same joy enjoying what you do. I have more hobbies, like drawing, drawing

makes me feel relaxed, especially trying to get better. It brings me joy whenever I do these

things and activities.

Joy is what brings us happiness, joy is what makes people smile and excited. We can stay enthusiastic and optimistic. We can stay joyful and positive. We feel joy at different times,

different days.Joy is something everyone will, and has felt. Joy, it strikes smiles into many as I

stated. Joy is such a positive emotion, it can help us get through the hard times. We also have

hobbies that we can do to bring us that joy.