The Tablet Jr. > March, 2021 

By Bella Mia Aviles and Ellena Wierciszewski, Gr. 5

Have you ever heard of a food drive? Well, Estellas Messengers is one.

Bella Mia AvilesYou are probably wondering what Estella’s Messengers is? It’s an organization event food drive with an interesting story. A woman named Estella is where the story all begins. She was religious in her young age living in Ecuador. When she first came to America her thoughts were “where can I help people” she asked and asked until her final answer was “go to a hospital, many moms are awaiting for you”. Estella would help young mothers who couldn’t help themselves by providing mothers with essential baby necessities like diapers, clothes, food, bottles, etc.

This year COVID-19 has hit everyone. Estella is no longer with us but she helped her granddaughter with drives at the age of 93 even during the pandemic! Estella will always be in our hearts and we will continue her legacy. In an interview with the organizer Maria Valle she stated that “we want to give what she did the most.” Estella was very religious and this quote from the Bible,“Faithful followers of Jesus are faithful in prayer” relates to Estella because she gave to others which was very kind and Jesus taught us to do the same. Estella giving food to mothers was a big job, she wasn’t working in exchange for money. She did this because she thought the little help that she could provide to others would make a huge difference in others lives.

Ellena WierciszewskiFast forward 2021, Estella who is no longer with us has angels on Earth who are carrying out her mission of helping those in need with food drives. During COVID many people lost jobs, homes, and family members. However, Estellas Messengers gave people a sense of security by providing them with food & a warm smile to brighten their day. We had asked Maria Valle and her husband, Mr. Renzo, “What makes you appreciate the moments you had with Estella?” They said “We don’t care for fame. We don’t care about looks, we care most about what she did when times were tough and we will continue her legacy. She didn’t have a job but stopped serving her community so we won’t either.” Estella’s story resonates with us because she was a woman who represented faithfulness to her community through her kind actions expecting nothing in return.

Estellas Messengers was a very memorable thing, it really helped people who were going through something hard and it made people’s day to just have food because giving something to the poor is something easy for you to do in your everyday life.

This quote from Mother Teresa,“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”This relates to Estellas Messengers because they gave food to others and they didn’t do it for a prize they did it just to have the world to be happy even in this pandemic.