Who is CTN?
CTN is a service of DeSales Media Group, of the RC Diocese of Brooklyn. Our mission is to provide relevant instructional media to the educators and students of the Diocese.

How do I receive CTN?
Since virtually every classroom has internet access, there are no obstacles in using our offerings at school – or at home – since our services are cloud based.  Because they are subscription services, you must contact us to receive directions on creating your individual log in accounts.

What if I don’t have internet in my classroom?
CTN offers high speed internet connectivity via its partnership with Sprint. For more information about this unique offering, contact CTN

Is a school charged for using CTN?
CTN is a FREE service to schools.

What are the hours of service?
Because our services are available through the internet, teachers and students can access our programming at any hour or day. Our services are On Demand.

How do I know what services CTN offers?
Use this website to access the links to our many services. Subscribe to our Twitter feed and ‘friend’ us on Facebook.

What do I do if I need assistance in using CTN?
Call 718-499-9705 or contact us:  CTN@desalesmedia.org