FieldTripZoom Zone

CTN is pleased to offer FieldTripZoom ZONE to all diocesan classrooms. Starting this Fall, teachers can take their classes on a "Virtual Trip" to any museum, science hall, or aquariums in the world!

The ZONE is a live streaming educational event service which allows you to connect and view unique programs from selected partners.  Programming features content from a broad range of museums, zoos, aquariums and science centers as well as music, art and history organizations that specialize in delivering high quality live streamed educational programming.  FieldTripZoom ZONE will deliver hundreds of engaging one-of-a-kind programs that supplement your curriculum, and you simply need a computer connected to the internet to participate.  *Please note:  to register for this FREE service, you must use a school domain email @yourschooldomain) -- emails ending with @yahoo, @aol, @gmail, etc. will NOT be recognized as part of the diocesan account, and you will be billed or invoiced to attend.

The FieldTripZoom ZONE live event calendar is available now to browse and book programs.  Click HERE to view the full program schedule and descriptions.  CTN has highlighted some of the events for the month of October 2017.

  • The World of Computers and Coding: Grades: 3-5 -- Time: Oct. 16, 2017 10:10 AM  “What were the first computers like? Learn about the history of computers and computing. How did the first computers compare to the computers we use today? Learn the story of the first computer bug. Learn about computer programming (coding) and what programmers do in various industries,
  • Grady Gets Glasses:  Grades: K-2 -- Times: Oct. 26, 2017 10:10 AM;  Oct. 26, 2017 1:10 PM  --  Grady is a rabbit – with glasses! Grady explains how his glasses help him to see the whole world better, and that people (and rabbits) who wear glasses might look a little different, but they are special.
  • Spooktacular Skulls: Grades: 3-5 -- Times: Oct. 27, 2017 1:10 PM; Oct. 30, 2017 1:10 PM  Although skulls cannot talk, they communicate a lot with their teeth and eye sockets. In the 45 minute program, your 3rd – 5th graders will be invited to become Science Detectives to solve the mysteries skulls communicate.

If you need information or assistance for FieldTripZoom ZONE, please contact Angela Russell at