FieldTripZoom Zone

CTN is pleased to offer FieldTripZoom ZONE to all diocesan classrooms. Starting this Fall, teachers can take their classes on a “Virtual Trip” to any museum, science hall, or aquariums in the world!

The ZONE is a live streaming educational event service which allows you to connect and view unique programs from selected partners. Programming features content from a broad range of museums, zoos, aquariums and science centers as well as music, art and history organizations that specialize in delivering high quality live streamed educational programming. FieldTripZoom ZONE will deliver hundreds of engaging one-of-a-kind programs that supplement your curriculum, and you simply need a computer connected to the internet to participate.

*Please note:  to register for this FREE service, you must use a school domain email @yourschooldomain) — emails ending with @yahoo, @aol, @gmail, etc. will NOT be recognized as part of the diocesan account, and you will be billed or invoiced to attend.

The FieldTripZoom ZONE live event calendar is available now to browse and book programs. Click HERE to view the full program schedule and descriptions.  CTN has highlighted some of the events for the month of May/June 2018.


  • Leaf-Cutter Ants — Grades K-5 — Times:  May 30 — 10:10 AM — Leaf-cutter ants are also known as parasol ants, because the cutters hauling big pieces of leaves look as they are carrying umbrellas.
  • Bee-Havin — Grades K-5– Times:  May 30 — 1:10 PM — Learn what is going on in our observation hive and how honey gets from the hive to our kitchen tables.
  • Why Engineering — Grades 4-6 — Times:  May 31 — 1:10 PM — Ever wonder how buildings stand up?  Ever wonder what makes the electronics in our homes work?  Take a look at how engineers have an impact on the places where we live, work and play.
  • All About Owls– Grades 1-7 — June 1 — 10:10 AM; 1:10 PM — Learn about the special owls that are in Virginia and enjoy an in-depth exploration into the physical and behavioral adaptations of these top predators. 
  • Young People and WWII  — Grades 5-9 — June 4 — 10:10 AM — How were young people impacted by WWII, one of the first so-called total wars?  Learn how young people’s experiences in Nazi Germany, Great Britain, Occupied Europe, and America compared during WWII.
  • Baseball and the Caribbean — Grades 6-12 — June 5 — 11:10 AM — Baseball is not just an American game; it is a game that has featured stars from other cultures, including the Latino world. 
  • Marine Mammals of Alaska — Grades K-5 — June 6 — 11:10 AM; 1:10 PM — Meet some of Alaska’s chilliest creatures, the marine mammals!
  • Live from the Docks — Grades 4-10 — June 7 — 1:10 PM — Immerse yourselves in the world of the dolphin with this fully live and interactive program.
  • Aquarium Exploration — Grades K-6 — June 8 — 11:10 PM — Learn about some of the most interesting animals while virtually touring our Tropical and Northern Pacific.
  • Squid Dissection — Grades 5-9 — June 8 — 1:10 PM — How does a squid swim?  Why does a squid ink?  Dive into this dissection as an introduction to squid anatomy and natural history.

If you need information or assistance for FieldTripZoom ZONE, please contact Angela     Laura Hickey: