By: Grace Ryo, Gr. 7

St. Nicholas of Tolentine Catholic Academy

Right now, humanity is struggling. We’re in the middle of a virus pandemic, and everyone’s scared and worried. We’re worried about our health, about our loved ones, and about how society is changing. We are concerned  about what will be the new “normal” after this, but we still strive to make every day better than the last. We still strive to help the sick and to try to stop the spread of the virus. We still strive to better every day and to better ourselves. The virus is horrible, and yet, we still try to help the sick and to believe that with each day comes new hope, hope that we can fight through the darkness and into the light.

With every day, comes a new sense of hope. Right now, we have two options. We can give up on all of our dreams that we will make it through this, or we can hope for the best and continue to believe that God has a plan and that plan requires us to believe in Him. Although many people have chosen to give up on God, I say that we shouldn’t. I think that we need to believe that God has a plan, and God’s plan needs us to trust in him. Even though some people have given up on God and all hope, God hasn’t given up on us so we shouldn’t give up on Him. We need to believe that we can persist through these dark times. We need to trust in God’s plan for us, just like Moses and the Israelites, just like the Apostles, and just like we trusted in God before. We can’t just give up on God, because God hasn’t given up on us. 

Right now, we’re lost in the darkness that the virus spread. We can’t find our way out and we think that no one is coming to find us, but we have to remember that God will always be there to find us. We have to remember that God will always be there to pull us out of the darkness when we get lost in it. We have to remember that God is always with us. If we remember that, we can make it through the dark and into the light.