Hello Teachers!
Happy July! This blog from Ditch that Textbook has great suggestions and tips for the end of year Google Classroom clean up.


1. Return all work, grade it if you need to
Whenever students turn work into you it’s transferred over to you as the teacher and so if we want to make sure the students have access to all their work it’s generally a good idea to go back through and grade and return all that work back to the student.
2. Archive old classes
Once the year is over you can archive any classes you won’t be teaching again. 
How to archive a class in Google Classroom:
  • Go to classroom.google.com.
  • On the class card, click More then click Archive.
  • Click Archive to confirm.
3. Consider removing or unenrolling students who are no longer in your class
If you would like to prevent students from viewing the class or sharing the class with others you might consider removing them completely before archiving.
4. Do NOT Delete the Classroom Folder
Do not delete it I repeat do not delete the Google Classroom folder. It’s really hard to get back that main folder! 
5. Clean up your Google Drive
Consider creating some folders outside of the classroom folder to move some files over that you want to keep and find easily. However, don’t get “delete happy” and be sure to follow #4 before you begin moving and reorganizing your Google Drive.
6. Create a folder for exemplary work
Consider creating a folder of work that you can use the next year as an example of exemplary work for rubrics or anchor papers.
7. Keep files in “Shared with Me” 
Shared with me is a filter not a folder of your own documents in Google Drive. Those files are ones that have been shared with you but are not those that you own. They will show up in search results if you need to find them. However, you should not move things around within shared with me because it will affect others who have access to that file or folder. “Shared with me” is usually a hot mess, we just have to learn to live with it.
8. Delete old class calendars
To eliminate clutter in your Google Calendar you can delete calendars from old classes so that they no longer show up in your account. You can also just unclick the check next to the calendar which allows it to be hidden from view without deleting permanently.
How to delete a class calendar:
  • On your computer, open Google Calendar.
  • In the left column, find the calendar you want to delete.
  • Click on the three dots next to that calendar.
  • Click on settings and sharing.
  • Scroll down and click delete.

9. Make a Google Classroom template

If you have classes that you will be teaching again consider making that class a template for next year. You can do this by copying the class and renaming it “template for (insert class name)”.  
10. Reflect on your Google Classroom practices, collaborate with others for ideas
At the end of the school year, it’s always a good idea to reflect on the past year and think about what worked and what didn’t. You can take the opportunity to ask your colleagues or your PLN for advice or feedback on how to improve your practice.  

-Submitted by:  Laura Hickey, Sr. Instructional Technology Specialist