The Tablet Jr. > April, 2021

By Gabriella Diminich, Grade 5

Gabriella DiminichLoni is a 10-year-old girl learning to play basketball. Last year, Loni tried out for her school’s basketball team. Sadly she did not make the team.  She was devastated. Loni’s dad, Bruno, came home from work and found her crying in the driveway under the basketball hoop. He knew exactly why she was upset. Bruno sat next to Loni and put his arm around her shoulder. “Did I ever tell you about your little spot of perseverance?” 

Loni questioned, “What does perseverance mean?” Bruno explained, “Perseverance is when you do your best and keep trying when things get hard.” He continued, “Every time you persevere in a challenging situation your perseverance spot grows.”Loni asked,” How can I help my perseverance spot grow?” 

Bruno said, “Believing in yourself and telling yourself  ‘you can!’ can help you accomplish what you are trying to achieve.  Confidence can help your perseverance spot grow.” Loni’s dad also suggested she should try to imagine herself reaching her goal before she starts. He said, “Optimism can help your perseverance spot grow.” Bruno told Loni, “Listening to feedback is a great way to find out what you need to improve on. This will give you a better chance when you try again.” After hearing Bruno’s message of perseverance, Loni began to feel better. She was inspired by her dad’s words and motivated to keep trying.

“I understand it’s hard to try again after you don’t see success right away,” Bruno said to Loni. “ I’m confident you will be able to look at every obstacle as an opportunity to learn. A positive mindset can help grow your perseverance spot as well.” With a smile on her face, Loni grabbed the basketball and began shooting hoops in the driveway. 

Loni was determined to make the team next year. She practiced often and built her confidence. Loni waited patiently for basketball tryouts to come around. When it was time to try out, Bruno gave her a hug and told her to try her best. Loni smiled and gave it her all. Loni made the basketball team! 

The next time you feel like giving up, remember the ways you can help grow your perseverance spot. The bigger your perseverance spot gets, the easier it will be to keep trying when you face difficult challenges.