By:  Claudia Poblete, Gr. 7

St. Nicholas of Tolentine Catholic Academy

Covid-19 has been a global pandemic that has started in December of 2019. It’s a new virus that has no cure yet, it attacks people’s immune system, which can weaken them.  People with serious illnesses are most vulnerable to this disease. Because of this, millions of people have been asked and/or forced to stay home during this pandemic. Doctors, nurses, other medical staff, and essential workers still continue to go to work to help others. As of today, there have been over 2 million cases globally and so many deaths. 

Through this all, families and communities have found ways to help each other. During this lockdown, people from Italy, New York, Spain, and California have sung from their balconies with each other. Famous people and influencers have started fundraiser or have shared some type of entertainment to raise money and help the less fortunate. Helping the less fortunate is essential to being a good Catholic and an overall good person. 

My family has been involved in a feeding program in a small town in the Philippines. We have been donating to a local restaurant called ACC that cooks food and gives it to the people who need it most. The program started on April 6 and has fed over one thousand people. They have been badly affected by the Covid-19 lockdown and pandemic. Giving or sharing your blessings is one of Jesus’ teachings and I am proud that my family has been able to help with this. 

Some people help their neighbors who are much older and are more vulnerable to the virus by buying groceries, sharing supplies like toilet paper and wipes, taking out their trash, and walking their pets. This is very important, because there are long lines everywhere you go, and people have to maintain at least a six feet distance from others. Helping those in need is another of Jesus’ teachings and you should help anyone you can if you have the ability to do so. 

People continue to stay connected by calling, texting, using social media, and Facetiming. My family calls family members and friends every night to pray the Rosary with each other. Teachers host Zoom meetings to help students with work from home. Churches record both live and regular masses on the Internet so you are still able to stay connected with the Church. Pope Francis even had a live Mass on Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday via the Vatican page on YouTube. Staying connected to God, the Church, and others is important for your spiritual life. Praying with others during this pandemic can help to strengthen our faith and hope with God and in mankind.